Women’s Fashion: How to Dress When You are Over 35?

Dressing according to your age is a rule not to ignore when you want to be stylish and dressed with taste. It is not always easy to know how to choose the right combo of items, especially if you are not very trendy modern fashion. Do not panic, however, this article will give you the basic tips to showcase your mid-thirties beauty.

Just Basic, But Quality

There’s nothing better than these timeless basics to dress up your wardrobe. And it is proven in addition: at the age of 35, you know very well what is going wrong with your morphology. So you will not have trouble finding the right size to highlight your shapes while staying in the natural. These basics, for example, are the good old jeans in thick fabric, or trousers preferably straight cut canvas, since this cut is timeless. For the tops, nothing better than these troughs in size, what to highlight your morphology. Choose nude colors, or more pronounced colors, such as emerald green and garnet.

For your feet, prefer pumps in sober colors, such as black, white, beige etc., white sneakers are a good alternative.

A Touch of Modernity Not Too Marked

Although the basics alone can bring out your femininity, it does not prevent to associate with modern fashion items to give pep to your outfit. Items such as t-shirts or message pullovers that you wear under a trench or jacket.

Jackets are also a field to exploit. Think of these patterned or plaid jackets, ideal for office or business dinners.

Vests when they are favorites of women quarantine. Think of their fluid materials, the feeling of comfort they provide! In addition to the ponchos, nice and easy to wear, they go with all styles, from casual to more sober.

The Choice of Accessories

Forget these fancy jewelry and opt for a few more refined things. Privilege small gold jewelry, steel watches or leather. When to bags, do not hesitate to go for wallets, shoulder bags, but shopping bags will be fine too. And if you want more originality, a beret is all you need.


Featured Image Source: Tracy Varga Group

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