Women’s Dresses for Every Occasion

Women’s Dresses for Every Occasion

Because couture or ready-to-wear collection cannot exist in the absence of dresses, designers work this segment with as much creativity. If diversity is evident in the matter, however, it is advisable to choose a dress for an occasion with discernment. Adept of elegance, follow the guide of fundamentals to display an irreproachable silhouette!

How to Choose a Suitable Dress?

What if we start by reviewing the basics? Nothing too academic, rest assured, but just two basic rules to avoid regrettable artificial supporters. The first rule is not to blindly follow fashion; it is better to opt for a timeless model that is aptly accessorized than for a trendy piece that does not suit your body type!

The second rule consists of mastering one’s choice; if the crush is welcome, always ask if the dress that makes you crack is perfectly adapted to the situation. Nothing more annoying indeed than to find yourself too primed in an evening or in a style not adapted to the context. You can bet on originality or a hint of shift only if your dress remains elegant. In this sense, a structured dress with an asymmetrical neckline that you will cover with a short blazer will be perfectly suited for a chic occasion. In the same way, the fluidity of a long embroidered kaftan will be the most beautiful effect during a cocktail party.

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How to Accessorize Your Dress for an Occasion?

For a wedding or a New Year’s Eve, if you’re tall and thin, look for the mystery and sophistication of an emerald or indigo long dress. Feel free to mark your size with a metallic belt or stone set for even more femininity! The little ones will choose to work a romantic look in a bustier dress with lace in powdery shades. Essential to gain height, they will wear patent stiletto heels while the more cautious wrap themselves in silk stoles subtly flowery.

For invitations last minute, you can count on a faithful accomplice: the little black dress evanescent! All you have to do is accessorize it with a metal openwork cuff or rhinestone earrings. Think finally of the knitted dresses, which you will wear on opaque tights, freely belted on the hips to display a very contemporary look. And now, it’s your turn!

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Wedding Party Dresses

A wedding generally is a black-tie or a white-tie event except the bride and the groom have decided to theme it to some movie they love. Women’s should always keep in mind to steer clear of the white dresses in weddings as the color white is just for the bride. Put on the best dresses you have. It is floor-length gowns for weddings but the custom rules are softening, knee length dress is equally fine. Ornament according to the mood of the occasion.

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Women’s Cocktail Party Dresses

A cocktail party dress is largely an informal social gathering where you dress almost-formally; so the dress code for a cocktail party is semi-formal.

Evening dresses for women are the dress to sport in these parties. Black color has the evening atmosphere of the cocktail parties but also any dark color would do as long as you keep it modest.

Women’s Cocktail Party Dresses

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Cocktail Dinner Party Dresses

Midi length styles are perfect for cocktail parties and dinner parties, stand out with bold design details and a killer silhouette.  Tried and tested, the little black dress is a faithful wardrobe companion. And you just can’t go wrong with a velvet dress for the autumn or winter season! Dawn is a sleeveless midi dress made from luxurious velour and boasts a beautiful floral neckline which is lavishly embellished with gold sequins. Keep things simple and chic with a matte red lip and soft up-do but give it a luxe finish with gold heels.

Cocktail Dinner Party Dresses

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