Women’s Cocktail Dresses: The Difficult Thing Will Not Be To Guess

Women's Cocktail Dresses

Maybe the search for party dresses is not as complicated as that of wedding dresses, but being honest, sometimes it does cause one or another headache. Although the protocol increasingly relaxes in this type of event, if you are looking for a dress for garden party, maybe one that is black and long is not the most appropriate. How about that tag? A small detail that is not always taken into account. And what is noticeable when the election is not the most successful.

Cocktail party Dresses

With these tips, choosing a dress appropriate for the occasion and that also feels great will not be as difficult as you thought. Many times the dress codes can be confusing and we think that all short party dresses meet the cocktail etiquette. In a strict sense, the latter admits attire above the knee or a few centimeters below it, whether they are one or two pieces.

It is a careful dress code that is on the way between formal or semi-formal and a more relaxed one. Thanks to the flexibility that distinguishes it, it is one of the most popular today for both day and night events, whether parties or business meetings.

In fabrics, the priority must be quality. It does not matter if you decide on a creation made with thicker fabrics such as the lightness of the lace. And do not underestimate this aspect if you made the decision to rent a party dress. The important thing is that the set breathes elegance on all sides.

Which Cut Favors The Most?

There is a great diversity of designs for all tastes, but above all, it is always better to choose one that is favorable to our body type. If the upper part of your body is narrower than the lower one, it is advisable to cut the empire. Partner with the drapes and the elements that add more volume to the chest, the necklines or heart of honor and the loose skirts or with much flight. This is the main secret of the party dresses, with which women of all sizes can be divine and fashionable.

skirt women's cocktail dresses

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If you have a thin waist and wide thighs, you may also like structured dresses that are assured at the waist, with details on the body and an A skirt; they will shape your silhouette as if it were an hourglass. Make a hairstyle and get stylized your figure even more; especially if it is high and exposes your neck and neck.

On the contrary, if your legs are thin compared to your bust and waist, like an inverted triangle, the ideal is to direct attention towards the hip. For example, use designs with ruffles and conceal the width of the shoulders with simple vertical lines. For more stylized figures, adjusted or semi-dyed models are ideal for highlighting curves.

Are There Prohibited Colors?

The basic rule of light colors in the dresses for day party and dark for the night is practical and applies without further complication. However, the charms of blue, yellow and green, which entered with great force in the 2019 party dress catalogs cannot go unnoticed. Also, floral and geometric patterns and patterns with lines and polka dots are present in the fashion of those invited to a wedding.

polka dress

Seasonal colors and patterns can give a twist to more classic tones, such as black or red. With the help of colorimetry, they can be coordinated in the same model, opting for the most flattering shades in the upper part. They also appear intense and charismatic colors of the purple, pink and yellow palettes.

With What to Combine Them?

From the accessories to decorate the wedding hairstyles to the shoes, the accessories are usually the ones that give life to the look, but if some out of harmony the harmony is lost. The footwear must also be elegant and carefully selected. Although the balance is inclined by the heel, you can wear sandals and flat shoes. The important thing is that it is comfortable and fits perfectly on the feet, not the other way around. Therefore, it is recommended that you use them before the event.

flat shoe

As in the styling of evening dresses, the ideal is to accompany the chosen design with a small handbag. The box type, rigid and square shape is emerging as the triumphal model for this type of event. Remember that it is advisable that the jewelry is discreet: an elegant hairstyle will allow your small earrings to look perfectly. First of all, in no case do you carry more than three accessories.


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