White Cocktail Dresses to Look Like a Wedding Guest

If you want to wear a beautiful white party dress and you do not know how to do it, we tell you the right way to look fantastic in your next marriage, and most importantly without overshadowing the bride.

A general rule of the dress code as invited to a wedding, which is not specified on the marriage card but that we follow culturally, is not to wear white clothes to avoid paying attention to the bride. But if definitely the party dress that you want to wear and you feel fabulous with is this color and you do not want to generate any conflict in the celebration of love of your family or friends, here we tell you the alternatives, accessories and accessories for Party dresses with which you can wear it.

A Little History

White was adopted as the symbolic color of bridal gowns because of their purity and dedication. In ancient Greece the white tunic was a symbol of joy and good omens for the new couple, but to our surprise at the beginning of the 19th century there were many brides who married in black, one of the colors “forbidden” for current brides, because they believed that he protected the couple from jealousy and spiritual damage. It was only until the middle of this same century that white was institutionalized as the color of weddings and since then it has been almost exclusively used by the bride.

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Ask is Not Too Much

If the girlfriend is a relative or a close friend, you can trust her if they have any doubts about wearing a short cocktail dress or maybe a long white cocktail dress. Clarify that the design is less elaborate than the bride’s, even teach it if you consider it necessary. Surely many will not have inconvenience, but they will receive as a beautiful gesture the one that you have consulted.

Never Unicolor

To be able to wear this color in a wedding without generating harshness, it must definitely be combined with another tone that makes it different. In long party dresses, you can choose to wear the hem of the skirt with a print or wear an overskirt in some dark tone. For dresses with transparency choose a garment of striking color that highlights and “dye” a little the bottom of the dress. And for short white dresses, the best thing is that they have some striking detail or that the design is accompanied by colored lace.

White cocktail dresses

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Quiet Designs

Also if you are a guest looking party dresses for gorgeous, our recommendation is to avoid bulky dresses, with fabrics of much flight and in general of the models that come close to those you have seen in the catalogs of wedding dresses. Avoid excesses and uncomfortable looks. If the wedding takes place in the morning or midday, you will undoubtedly prefer the cocktail dresses for the day, or those of simple line without carved, applique or colorful embroidery.

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Accessories: Your Best Associates

Play with the color complementing your cocktail dress with shoes, headdresses or even shawls in contrasting colors. Black is a very good option to give a different look to your dress clear and completely away from the look of the bride.

The belts are an extraordinary ally when breaking with the unit of color. Depending on the design of your dress, you can wear a leather strap, a shiny bow or a thick ribbon of silk satin in a bright tone, knotted at the waist. Also experiment with colorful costume jewelery pieces such as colorful earrings or eye-catching necklaces, as well as creating a fantastic set that will detract from the whiteness.

I Want to Find My Dresses

Some wedding guests think about the investment they should make in their attire, if they do not already have an adequate one in their closet. Sometimes some of them do not want to make a purchase that exceeds the budget or simply what they seek is to find a garment only to use it once. This being so, the rental of party cocktail dresses becomes the best option, as there are specialized companies that offer suits of different sizes, including a special section of maxi sizes, where you can appreciate cocktail dresses for accessories and other accessories to put together a complete guest look. So, if this is your goal, do not miss the opportunity to visit them, as they will also be able to advise you according to the dress code indicated on the invitation card.

These recommendations will help you find the right dress for the celebration and in the same way to know how to combine it. Dare to experiment exploring options in other colors such as black, blue or the beautiful options of short red dresses to steal all eyes as an assistant at your next wedding, and get ready to enjoy the details that the couple planned with such dedication from the decoration of the marriage until the melody that will harmonize every moment.

white party cocktail dresses

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