17 Fashion Styles and Their Differences, What Style Are You?

Since the start of human development, there has been a consistent exertion being put to improve one look. The diverse styles in design have constantly experienced incalculable changes. With the expansion in the measure of developments, the adjustment in pattern and design styles have likewise been quick.

Casual Style

Casual clothing is informal clothing: that is, clothing that is used in contexts that do not require the respect of a formal dress code. When choosing casual clothes to dress, therefore, a person is not tied to rigid criteria of elegance or worry about achieving a serious aspect. Although the style “Casual” is considered to all that not only allows you to dress comfortably but also reflect the personality and even be able to look appropriate to go to work or to party.

Casual style

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Boho Style

The Boho style is since 2004, the year in which it was born, probably the most copied and imitated, although at the same time it is the most difficult to replicate. It’s something like a cocktail that mixes abundant hippy and bohemian echoes, with an ethnic touch and another country touch.

Boho style

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Hipster Style

Re-forming a non-conformist look, the “Hipster” fashion style obeys the way in which some women combine a biker style with mess, boho, vagabond and hippie, doing something individual and original. The garments combine numerous ideas of mix combinations, knee socks, polka-dot socks, fresh striped tops and big hats, etc. The style “Hipster” is in the streets, where the girls appear in vintage style garments very easy to put on and comfortable. In other words, all of these essential elements are ideal for making it look special and fashionable.

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Trendy Style

The term “Trendy” in the world of fashion encompasses everything that is fashionable; so a trend may be “Trendy” this year, but be outdated for next season. It also applies to other fields such as decoration or interior design.

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Artsy Style

Women who enjoy the “Artsy” style tend to stay away from the traditional trends of the fashion world and show unconditional love to their own fashion style to make a statement with their clothes. Often they will be the creators of their own fashions, design and creation of their own blouses, hats and jackets. Each artistic style will be different for women, since each one has their own idea of ​​what “art” really is. That’s what makes this style so particular, so unconventional and so interesting.

artsy style

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Classic Style

Classic style projects the image of a balanced and reliable woman, with good education and culture, clinging to strict traditions and values, far from frivolity and something serious. Its colors are neutral as blue, brown, maroon, beige, moss green, gray and black, in tone-on-tone and conventional combinations. The textures of the favorite fabrics of a classical woman, are the flat fabrics or with grooved and embossed reliefs. For parties the somewhat satiny textures.

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Exotic Style

The “Exotic” style arises from the constant exposure to other cultures that is creating a fascinating fusion of Western and Eastern fashion. Fall materials, silks, bright colors and intricate floral designs inspired by the elaborate interior decoration of the world’s famous architecture in countries such as India and Morocco have been stitched together and can be seen strutting along catwalks.

Exotic Style

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Glamorous Style

Glamorous designates a style in the way of dressing with attractive characteristics of a certain period, with a women fashion style of intrinsic beauty, marking aesthetics, excess, vanity and sexual attraction.

Glamorous Style

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Romantic Style

The Romantic has the characteristic of being a style much more complex and with greater structure than other styles. Currently, it is fashionable, although it always had its importance and is very used in this era where simplicity is a common factor among us. Romanticism has the characteristic of demanding great decoration which often becomes excessive. The ornamentation on the surfaces of the fabrics that characterize this style is highlighted. As far as the fabrics are concerned, we can also highlight the color, the abundant impression and the three-dimensional effects in the cuts.

romantic style

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Sophisticated Style

We all have some friends like that. The heads turn as he walks down the street and a scent of perfume is left in his wake. Her nails are perfectly groomed, she wears sunglasses over her head and her diamond earrings are small enough to be real, but big enough to be noticed. You can wear different styles of clothes and colors but you can combine them perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly. What makes it stand out from the crowd is precisely its sophistication.

Sophisticated Style

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Sexy Style

There are two main goals of the “Sexy” style to draw the attention of all the men around them and show as much skin as is legally and humanly possible. The Sexy style has to do with showing its best features: breasts, stomach and legs. A woman fashion style is set to sexy is usually laden with a lot of miniskirts, body-wearing dresses, high heels, and low-cut tops or blouses.

sexy style

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Street Wear Style

On the origin of street wear there are various theories, but regardless of their origin, today street wear has crossed the borders of clothing and has moved to different areas of fashion. Sunglasses and handbags are increasingly present in the look of their followers.

street style

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Western Style

The Western is a style that derives from the clothes used in the 19th century in the American West. It ranges from clothing worn by pioneers, mountain man, civil war, and cowboy clothes to stylized garments popularized by songs in the 1940s and 1950s.

western style

Preppy Style

The girls Preppy, or also called ‘Preps’, love the rocking in a wardrobe inspired by school times. Their hangers are lined side by side with feminine blouses and matching t-shirts with collar, as well as A-line skirts and stockings. Her hair is almost always amplified with a beautiful headband and she usually wears glasses. This style may seem a little “geeky” and a bit of luxury at the same time, it really is not really not expensive or excessive at all.

Preppy style

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Punk Style

The style of Punk fashion is on the verge of shouting and attitude. Punkies like to use a lot of leather especially when it comes to jackets and pants with pins, nails and chains. They tend to also fall on spandex prints and wild animals, as well as on the band t-shirts, boots and tight jeans.

punk style

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Rocker Style

The Rocker style is very versatile and will variation from person to person, depending on the particular type of rock they love. However, if you’re wearing a metal sweatshirt, you’ll have a few things in common: ripped jeans, boots, leather jackets and pants, and nails.

rocker style

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Gothic Style

There is only one thing that is omnipresent in the Gothic style: “blackness”. Everything related to the Gothic style is black; of black hair with black lips, black shirts, and black boots. Women who wear gothic fashions can typically see the use of tight-fitting clothing, intricate black dresses, and plenty of chains, nails, studs, and other styles of exotic accessories.

Ghotic Style

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