6 Rules That All Women with Classic Style Clothing

There are some women who have the ability to always look impeccable, stylish and extremely elegant without the need to try hard, dressing in the same way they did several years ago. It’s about women with classic style clothing, a way of dressing that does not follow fashions or trends and that always looks good regardless of age.

Intrigued to learn a little more about this distinguished and laid-back style, we discovered 7 infallible rules that these women follow when dressing. Anxious to know what they are?

They Don’t Follow Any Trend

These women wear clothes and combinations that never go out of style, like a buttoned blouse, jeans or leather boots. Less is more when it comes to achieving a timeless style!

They Avoid Tight Clothes

Over-sized garments are always your favorite, as they fit any look and can be used at any age.

They Wear Classic Shoes

Check in the closet of some timeless woman, surely you will find a collection of loafers, ballerinas and booties of the full range of colors.

They Always Have One Under Their Sleeve

You’ve probably never heard a woman with a classic style clothing say that she has nothing to wear. And they always have a salvage that works perfectly well on any occasion.

Never Use Many Accessories

Many accessories at once can ruin a look. The key is to have few subtle and elegant pieces that illuminate the look without taking prominence.

Invest in Good Clothes

And although they are much more expensive, it is worth investing in quality pieces that always look elegant and have greater durability. A good wool coat is one of the pieces that should never be missing.


Image Source: https://unsplash.com/

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